Vision, mision & Culture values



Become the leading Group of plastic bag, biodegradable packaging and eco bag in the world.


Become the leading Manufacturer of plastic bag, biodegradable packaging and eco bag in Vietnam in 2020.


Bring for customers safe, convenient and friendly kind of plastic bag, biodegradable packaging and eco bag.


We commit to build and keep the 12 following culture values:

  1. The value to success:
  • System: we build and fulfill according to an effective and precise process
  • Co-operate: win-win with customer and partner
  1. The core values that make customers loyal to company:
  • Quality: products always reach high standards. Orders must be fulfilled quickly and precisely
  • Service: we always serve customer with our best enthusiasm, dedication and highest efforts in any case.
  • Responsibility with customer is our principle

The important value for staffs to stay and devote for company:

  • Teamwork: we are always close-knit and try our best to reach the target and bring the best benefit for our company as well as for all teams.
  • Staff-training: is our important target to enhance staff’s working ability
  • Recognition and interests: our staffs are ensured with working safety, suitable regulation and lots of chances for promotion for all staffs to be able to work in our company in their entire lives.
  1. The value for company shareholders:
  • Commit to bring stable profit and annual development for shareholders.
  • Commit to follow and PR the vision, mission and cultural value of Hanoi plastic bag manufacturing JSC to our all staffs, customers and partners.
  • Commit non-stop to improve, create in order to bring product with the quality and service over customer’s expectation